Convection Modules - Sweden

Convection Section Modules on their way to Sweden

May 2018

This week we have shipped to Sweden 7 convection section modules that were in the Port of Gijón since late 2017 awaiting for shipment.

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Crossovers Piping

Crossovers to Texas

April 2018

A few days ago, we completed the fabrication of manifolds and radiant crossover piping

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Project Rotterdam 2018


March 2018

After the complete vertical assembly of the radiant section of this petrochemical furnace, we performed the flipping maneuver, allowing an easier sea freight.

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Delfin Tubes - Industry 4.0

We get on the Industry 4.0 bandwagon

February 2018

Delfin Tubes joins the program for the digital transformation of the industry through CEEI Asturias and Gijón Impulsa.

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Complete Furnace Oman

Delivery of equipment for Oman

February 2018

In the last few days we have finished the manufacture of a complete furnace consisting of helical radiant coil, convection module, platforms, stairs and stack.

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Complete Assembly at seaport - Rotterdam

Complete assembly in Gijón Port

January 2018

Delfin Tubes is using again Gijón Port facilities for the assembly of an oversized structure, that can´t be transported by road.

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