Visit to Gastech Exhibition

September 2022

All along past week, Gastech Exhibition in Milan was the heart of the gas, LNG, hydrogen and energy industries.

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Convection module

Shipping to the other side of the world

July 2022

This week we have completed the manufacturing and shipping of a convection section module for a process furnace.

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Convection modules

Ready for shipment

May 2022

All lined up and tidy, waiting for the vessel that will carry them to Dutch land

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Convection modules

Parts for cracking furnaces, ready for shipment

April 2022

A new set of modules for cracking furnaces is ready and waiting to be shipped in the Port of El Musel (Gijón).

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Smartcrane project

Delfin Tubes taking part in the SMARTCRANE project

March 2022

Delfin Tubes participates along with other companies

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Convection modules

Manufacturing of a Furnace for Petrochemical Process for Texas

January 2022

We start 2022 with the transport of convection modules for an ethylene cracking furnace.

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