Studded Tubes

The steel studs are automatically resistance welded to the tube, producing high quality forge welds. Our automatic studding machines are capable of handling tube diameters from 60mm o/d to 219mm o/d and standard stud diameter of 12.7mm.

The welding process enables the combination of any grades for studs and tube: carbon, alloy, stainless steels and high nickel alloys. Alloy steel pipes are stress-relieved after studding, according to the relevant specifications for the class and grade of steel used.

Corrosion protection:

If required, the external surfaces of studded tubes can be treated with a protective coating.

Our engineers are always ready to assist you with design considerations to meet your specific product needs.

Uses of Studded Tubes

Steel studded tubes are used instead of finned tubes for heat transfer in the petrochemical industry, generally in furnaces and boilers where the surface is exposed to a very corrosive environment and where very dirty gas streams require frequent or aggressive cleaning.