Laser welded finned tube

Delivery of laser-welded finned tubes

October 2018

Another batch of laser-welded finned tubes on its way to our customer.

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Restructuring operation Delfin Tubes, S.A.

September 2018

Since 20th September 2018 all the activity carried out by Delfin Tubes S.A. has a new VAT number.

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Course scaffolding

Course on scaffolding erection & dismantling and work at heights

September 2018

Last month we held a theoretical-practical safety course for our employees.

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Finned Tubes Twisted Serrated Fins


August 2018

At the beginning of August we delivered a batch of 82 tubes different than usual, since these have twisted fins.

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Laser Finned Tubes (3)

New batch of laser welded finned tubes

July 2018

During the last week we finished a new batch of 340 helically wound laser welded finned tubes destined for Germany.

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Shipping for Texas

Shipping of modules for Texas

June 2018

Last week, 12 convection modules and their corresponding crossovers were sent to Freeport, Texas, where they will be installed in an ethylene production plant.

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