Convection Modules

Manufacturing of convection modules

September 2021

We are immersed into the manufacturing of modules for the convection section of a petrochemical process furnace for Russia.

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Finned Tubes 8"

8” Diameter Finned Tubes

August 2021

The dimensional range of our finned tube production is very wide.

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Laser finned tubes

Stainless Steel Pipes & Laser Technology

June 2021

A new batch of laser finned tubes is ready to be installed. Destination: Uzbekistan.

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Finned Tubes

Tubes with serrated fins

November 2020

We like tubes with serrated fins. In fact, we like them so much that we’ve manufactured a batch of 4000 pieces that are ready to leave our premises.

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Studded tubes

New batch of studded tubes finished

August 2020

We have just finished the studding of a new batch of stainless steel tubes.

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Vacation 2020

We’re going on vacation!

August 2020

After a hard and difficult semester, we’re taking a few days off with the satisfaction of having done a good job in these complicated times.

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