Convection Modules - Texas

Transport of modules to the port for upcoming shipment

June 2019

These last days several modules were moved to the Port of Gijón, waiting to be loaded on a ship bound for the United States.

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Convection Modules - Canada

Trial assembly of a heater

April 2019

We’ve successfully completed the trial assembly of a furnace in our facilities, so that the client ensures that the components fit correctly.

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Radiant Coils Texas

Radiant Coils in crates

February 2019

Following with the project destined to Texas, now we’re working on the assembly of the radiant coils.

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Tube Hairpins

Tube hairpins, destination Texas

January 2019

We are currently manufacturing tube hairpins that will be incorporated into the convective heaters of a new project destination Texas.

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Machinery renovation

January 2019

We have just acquired two new machines, an air compressor and a forklift, to contribute to the improvement of our facilities and to go ahead with our environmental commitment.

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Shipping for Uzbekistan

Shipment of modules for Uzbekistan

September 2018

This week we loaded two large convection modules in the Port of Gijón destined to Uzbekistan.

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