Feed Steam Superheater

Feed Steam Super-heater ready for shipment

August 2023

Another super-heater ready for shipment.

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Herramienta digital para la gestión de ofertas comerciales

December 2022

Nº expediente IDE/2021/000037

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Convection Modules

Turning to horizontal position

December 2022

Last November, we finished the manufacturing of 8 complex convection modules destination Saudi Arabia.

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Proyecto restyling de marca y diseño de manual de identidad gráfica de uso y aplicaciones

November 2022

Nº expediente IDE/2021/000121

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Convection modules

Prefabrication of coils for convection modules

October 2022

This prefabrication of 8 coils for convection modules is almost finished.

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Finned tubes

Finned tubes including bridging pieces

September 2022

A solution to save the welded area on finned tubes

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