Covid-19 Contingency Plan

February 2021

Delfin Tubes has developed, together with the workers' representatives, this contingency plan for the protection of workers against the new coronavirus.

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Finned tube Laser

Our Laser Technology

November 2020

In 1916 Albert Einstein defined the theoretical bases of a physical phenomenon known as stimulated emission of radiation.

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Finned Tubes

Finned tubes destined to China

June 2020

In spite of the current situation, fortunately our products continue to leave our facilities; once again, bound for China.

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Laser welded finned tube

New delivery of laser finned tubes

May 2020

A new batch of tubes with fins welded by laser technology is available for our customer.

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Convection modules Oman

Loading of Project for Oman

April 2020

We have proceeded to the delivery and loading of a project destined to Oman.

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Laser Finned Tubes Biomass

Delivery of Laser Finned Tubes for a Biomass Boiler

April 2020

We’ve finished the manufacturing of a batch of finned tubes welded using our laser technology.

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