Delfin Tubes offers extensive aftermarket products and services to our worldwide customer base.


We offer high quality spare parts, including special cast pieces, for any fired heater that remains in service.

Both for unexpected failures or for scheduled maintenances, we can provide critical or difficult to achieve parts and materials.

Custom made casting pieces are not a problem for us, especially if they are needed in a reduced time.


  • Sight doors - tighter fitting doors for modern burners
  • Sight doors ceramic-formed surround - better pyrometry viewing
  • Cast tube hangers - Christmas trees
  • Cast tube sheets
  • Cast brackets and guides
  • Cast bends and headers
  • Cast reducers
  • Steam reformer parts:
    • Arch/Floor seals
    • Catalyst support cones
    • Pigtails
    • Pusher bars
    • Stress collars
  • Coil hairpin assemblies
  • Venturi pipes

Tube Sheet 



With our experience, we can provide solutions for the operation and maintenance of the fire heater, even for the older furnaces.

We have a high-qualified welder's team in order to attend any field emergency.

  • Revamp services
  • Field services
  • Metallurgical consulting services
  • Engineering services