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Laser Finned Tubes (1)

Our commitment is offering our customers the best possible product with the highest performance for their function

In addition to the manufacturing of high-frequency finned tubes, Delfin Tubes offers its customers the manufacturing of finned tubes by laser welding, for increased efficiency and higher quality.

This laser welding production line was developed by our engineers combining both our large experience manufacturing extended surface and the most modern laser technology available in the market.

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Our highly qualified staff is the best ally for your projects. High technology, adequate facilities, absolute dedication to quality assurance and a privileged geographic location.

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Manufacturing of two complete furnaces

We have completed the manufacturing and delivery of the modules for two complete furnaces which will depart in the coming days from Gijon Port to be installed in a petrochemical plant in Turkey

Each furnace is composed by a radiant module (with burners already installed), a convection module, the breeching, and several ducts and platforms.

The most remarkable detail in this work is the shipping dimension of the radiant modules, close to 25 m length, 5 meters wide and 7 meters height; a new amazing challenge met by our logistics team.

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Delfin Tubes - Fabrication

The Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA) has granted DELFIN TUBES S.A. an aid with file number IDE/2022/000700 for the project "Implementation of new solutions for control and smart management of Delfin Tubes production facilities".

Delfin Tubes - Fabrication