Finned Tubes - Laser Welded

New materials for our laser technology

December 2018

A new set of laser welded tubes is leaving our warehouse.

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Convection Modules - Ghana

New Radiant and Convection Section Fabrication

November 2018

Fabrication according to schedule of a new job destination Ghana, consisting in 3 radiant modules and 2 convection modules

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Film day

Movie Day

October 2018

Yesterday, in Delfin Tubes you could only hear: "action!", as the cameras began recording, turning the factory into a movie set.

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Shipping for Uzbekistan

Shipment of modules for Uzbekistan

September 2018

This week we loaded two large convection modules in the Port of Gijón destined to Uzbekistan.

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Convection Module - Saudi Arabia

Shipping of modules for Saudi Arabia

August 2018

Last week we loaded 7 convection modules destined to Saudi Arabia.

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Convection modules - India

Shipping of materials to India

July 2018

Last week we shipped 7 convection modules for Pune, Maharshatra (India).

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