Radiant Coils Stenungsund

Radiant Coils for Stenungsund

November 2019

We’ve finished the manufacturing of two furnaces composed of 4 radiant coils that will be delivered in Stenungsund (Sweden) throughout this month.

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Laser welded finned tube

Duplex tubes with aluminium finning

September 2019

Our workshop has finished the manufacturing of tubes with uncommon characteristics that our laser welding process allows to combine.

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Convection Modules - Rotterdam

Modules heading to Rotterdam

August 2019

This week we delivered one convection module and two radiant modules, whose peculiarity are their dimensions.

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Radiant Coils Grangemouth

Radiant Coil Grangemouth

July 2019

Last May we started working on this project for a petrochemical production plant in the Firth of Forth, in Scotland.

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Shutdown works in Qatar

Shutdown works in Qatar

March 2019

Our team of welders and fitters have started the on-site repair works at a methanol and MTBE plant in Qatar

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Delfin Tubes - Convection Modules - Sweden

Convection coils ready for shipment

February 2019

We’ve started sending to the port the last project we’ve completed.

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