By air, sea, road or railway, Delfin Tubes S.A. offers excellent flexibility with the objective of the perfect delivery of the material.

The closeness to the port of Gijón allows us to fabricate oversized equipment and reduce the transport costs involved to the limit. At Delfin Tubes, fabricating large, heavy equipment is our speciality. Our system enables the largest heaters to be easily handled and maneuvered.

Extended surface tubes are packed in bundles. Tube layers are separated by wooden battens and tube ends are protected by plastic caps. The tube bundle is bound by steel straps. On request we can supply the bundles with “one way” lifting slings in order to ease handling during transportation.

Packaging methods

Our finned or studded tubes can be packed in the following formats:

  • Wooden crates
  • Steel crates
  • Wooden boxes
  • Shipping Containers